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Dear Sir/ Mdm/ Esteemed Organisation,

PROGRAMME. You are just one step away being a financially literate organisation.
It is never too late to improve your knowledge about financial wellness.

The Financial Education Programme consists of a variety of financial modules ranging
from youth to retirees namely
POWER! Tertiary; POWER! Workforce; POWER!
and POWER! Retirement . There are designed for organisations who are
seeking to improve the financial capabilities among the staff on the following
money principals:

  • Budgeting is not just for the rich or those with money;

  • Savings is the start of wealth creation;

  • Be in POWER! You control your money...don't let your money control you;

  • Spend within your means... know your needs and wants;

  • Confidence in managing money and understanding the basics of finance;

  • Cultivating the financial habits towards financial wellness;

Wait no more, make your reservation now!